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Green Light New Orleans was the recipient of a mid-year Learn & Serve grant supported by the Louisiana Serve Commission in the Office of Lieutenant Governor. This award has enabled us to develop a service learning project with 17 students from the Green Society at Ben Franklin High School, a student-led environmental organization. Louisiana Learn & Serve funds programs that are primarily youth-driven and youth-led, and the Ben Franklin students will be involved in the planning and implementation of the project. Students will participate in 6 CFL installations and 2 backyard garden building events. They will learn about energy efficiency and weatherization from Green Light and Entergy, and a representative from the Climate project will present the Inconvenient Truth power point for them. Finally, they will have the opportunity teach elementary students about environmental awareness as part of our SPARK program. Over the course of the semester, they will participate in several reflections, which will take various forms (such as discussions, written reflections, and blogs). The program will provide the students with the opportunity to learn about civic engagement, energy conservation, and environmental stewardship by putting good ideas into action and contributing to our community. To learn more about Green Light New Orleans, click here!

Our goal :

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amount of CFLs installed by GLBF:2728donation levels

supported by the Louisiana Serve Commission in the Office of Lieutenant GovernorLearn and Serve

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Did you know? CFL

• Installing just 1 CFL bulb saves
$45 and 447 lbs of CO2!

The 2728 CFLs that Green Light Ben Franklin installed reduce New Orleans' carbon footprint by 1,219,416 pounds of CO2, which is equal to the amount of CO2 that is released by the consumption of 83,084 gallons of gasoline. The volunteer effort of teh Ben Franklin Green Society will also reduce the utility costs of New Orleans families, thus helping to alleviate financial pressures and leading them on the path to a better future.
source: EPA

Learn more...•  Green Light New Orleans has already helped 10,000 families become more energy efficient. Learn about CFL recycling.